lesson policy 2017

August 1, 2017

Dear Students and Parents:

I hope all of you are having a relaxing and enjoyable summer. I cannot believe it is August already! Enclosed is a copy of my Lesson Policy. There are a few changes. Please read it very carefully, sign one copy, and return it to me no later than August 31st, 2017. I would like to start lessons the week of September 3rd.

Enclosed, please find a Lesson Request Form to schedule days and times. I will email you back a day and time so please be sure to enclose your email address. Lessons are due to commence the week of September 3rd. I will do my very best to accommodate your specific needs for certain days and times. Allow for a few options, when you fill out your request.

If during the school year, a permanent conflict arises with another activity, please give me a few weeks notice to arrange the change with other students. You are reserving a permanent space for your child during the school year. All lessons during the school year are expected to be paid for whether they are attended or not. Within reason, I will be happy to schedule a makeup session when given 24 hours notice or emergency situation/ illness arises. Weekly attendance and expectations are so important.

Students are asked to arrive on time for their lesson. While it is fine for a parent to occasionally sit in the waiting area inside, I would prefer other siblings and children to stay outside. They are welcome to play in my yard. As a parent I realize situations arise when you need to bring your other children.

As always, it easiest to reach me through my email address. Please email or call if you have any questions.

Looking forward to a great year!


Rachel Daly
2017-2018 School Year

Fees and Payment

♣ $53 per hour
♣ $40 per 45 minutes
♣ $28 per half hour
Payment is monthly in advance and due in full at the first lesson of the month.

Terms and Agreement

♣ Lessons will be held weekly throughout the school year starting September 3, 2017 ending June 22, 2017.
♣ During vacations, in the months of December, February and April, no lessons will take place. Summer lessons are scheduled on a more flexible basis.
♣ Students are expected to come to each and every lesson fully prepared. Assignments will be provided in their notebooks consisting of warm-ups, études and solos.
♣ As with other activities, all cancellations will continue to be charged to you in full. Makeup lessons will take place within 4 weeks of the missed lesson when given 24 hours notice.
♣ You do not have to pay for or makeup lessons that I need to cancel due to a personal or professional reason. You may makeup the lesson if you would like too and time allows.
♣ Places in my studio may be forfeited due to a repeated lack of practice by the student, an excessive number of cancellations, or non-payment of fees.

I have read the above lesson policy and agree to its terms.

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